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Graphic Designing

From Idea to Perfection

Take a concise idea and fulfill the vision.

I take my time to gather information, create ideas, and have strong communication skills to reach a common goal. For me, the process is the best part, priding myself on branding, storytelling, design, and communication. Collaboration is key for graphics, store design, photography, VFX, SaaS, product design, video editing, social media and marketing. 

Logo Design


Branding is the cornerstone to every successful company. Beginning by reviewing the brand book, I like to create a unique mind map to refer back to so all content is perfectly aligned.


Using storyboards to create continuity gives the clients comfortability and patterns to follow. I like to collaborate directly with my employer to create a narrative that is unique and appealing. 


 How can the image, video or sound lead the customer to the conclusion of sale? I combined brand and story telling, then use basic principals like depth, blur and ques to guide the eye to the message portrayed. 


After the mockups are done it's important that both employer and designer have approved the design. Clear, concise, customer service is required which is my strongest area of expertise.



Using guides, I plan where the titles will be, where the focal points are, and how the viewer will interpret the media. This is a Nike store design I did for Footlocker.



After the design and story, I take the employers notes to elaborate on the positives and remove the negatives. In this instance they wanted more depth, so I used blur with a center offset. 


Final Product

Once the process is complete it's ready for display. I like to make sure there is a test print for bleed lines and color issues. In this instance, the final print image needed a contrast adjustment as it was printing dark.

Halftone Cityscape


I am a keen visual and audio effects specialist who develops breath taking professional effects passionately.

Web Design

Web Development

I am well versed in SEO, web design, maintenance, HTML, search engines, UI, and content development. 

Grey Cat


I am an expert who understands the ever changing roles of algorithms on Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, Twitter and many more.

Modern workspace


I am an enthusiast who is a buyer of software and knows the complex world of Software as a Service


  • 2022 Mac Studio Design Station

  • Apple M1 Max Chip

  • Dual ultra HD Graphics Screens

  • Certified in Music Business

  • Certified in Graphics Design

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