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Security For Your Most Prized Possession,
Your Identity.

Blockchain Photo Management

Encrypted Photo Protection and Management.

AI Adjustments & Enhance.

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Shot block & Device Detect.

Ability To Control Photos Shared Anywhere.

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My name is Felitche Hutchinson

Felitche Hutchinson serves as the visionary force behind this formidable application, drawing inspiration from literature and strategic insights to master the intricacies of coding, graphic design, and holistic leadership. As the CEO, Felitche personally handcrafted this application, driven by a profound commitment to advancing personal security in the ever-evolving landscape of technology. His unwavering purpose is rooted in the eradication of the rampant proliferation of hacks and scams targeting the global youth demographic, safeguarding their digital integrity for the next generation.

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Our Vault.

Our team embodies a unique blend of youthful vigor, extensive expertise, intellectual acumen, and unwavering resilience. Our collective experience is deeply rooted in the intricate dynamics of successfully operating a startup enterprise.

We are ready for you! The wireframe is done. Ready to code? Apply below. 

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Investor packages and exclusive deals available now, as well as career opprotunities.

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