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Independant Pop Tech DJ

Felitche is a big Room tech pop producer artist from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He captivates audiences with his live shows using his hype man style mic presence integrated with his danceable mainstream


He first hit mainstream success through modeling and professional sports but his passion for music

always overshadowed his other endeavors. He'd later follow that passion right to the heart of Canadian

music, Toronto.

Felitche has released 4 singles since his initial push with over 1 million combined Spotify streams as well

as verifying both his Instagram and Facebook artistry pages. Notable shows have been Rebel Nightclub

Toronto, The Avalon Hollywood Los Angeles, and Studio Nightclub Vancouver. Boasting a European

Passport as well as Canadian Passport, Felitche looks to join the major festival circuit to continue his

climb in 2022 with over 40 songs of original works, remixes, edits and collaborations.

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