Who is Felitche?

Together we are strong, stand together - Felitche

Felitche Hutchinson is an up and coming singer and songwriter from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


He first hit success in the mainstream through modeling and professional sports but his passion for music was the thing that always overshadowed his other endeavors. He'd later follow that passion right to the heart of Canadian music, Toronto.


Felitche brings a new wave of music making his listeners dance while hearing a message for the global society.


'The kid is talented'

- Jonathan Simkin (Producer, Carley Rae Jepson, Mariana's Trench, Coleman Hell)


Felitche is currently in the studio working on his debut release with Mic Tee (AMAG/Cash Money) and Brian TJ (AMAG). Keep an eye out for his latest release coming soon.